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Filter plant luminescent spot review
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The innovation is the enterprise development progressive soul and the power fountainhead. In the past year, Chongqing Light industry Machine shop insisted that innovates independently unceasingly, does earnestly earnestly really makes the strong drink beer equipment industry. luminescent spot 1: The candle type diatomaceous earth filtration system market share occupies the colleague first the Chongqing light machinery's third generation candle type diatomaceous earth filtration system, in the digestion absorbs the domestic and foreign similar equipment merit in the foundation, after passing through the many year widespread questionnaire new old customers the opinion and the suggestion, researches and develops the innovation to have the international advanced level drink, the liquor filter plant voluntarily. This system first generation has been published since 2000, has sold dozens of sets. Last year, was also selected in dozens of domestic and foreign projects, creates for several year new high. The sales surface has covered national nearly 30 provinces and cities, occupies the colleague first place; This system obtains Chongqing successively municipal and the state-level key new product award, and becomes the import substitution product. This system take the candle stick as the filtering element, the candle good structure is special, gap constant invariable, the rigidity is good, the intensity is good, the filter efficiency high, easy to clean, is one of most outstanding filtering elements. the this system area is small, the production efficiency is high, the operating cost is low, is at present the most ideal diatomaceous earth filter plant. Widely applies in professions and so on drink, liquor. Yanjing, heavy beer, blue beer, bead beer, Shanghai Jin Feng, the Henan Uygur snow and so on well-known enterprise has widely selected and purchased and applies. after appraisal, the expert thought: This system has filled the domestic gap, has achieved the international advanced level, some performance index surpasses the imported product, definitely may substitute the import. After use, the customer thought: This system may compare favorably with the import similar sophisticated equipment. luminescent spot 2: The disk syrup purifier has international advanced level the FOM106A disk type diatomaceous earth purifier introduces the Swiss FILTROX Corporation technique of manufacture, absorbs after this factory digestion and synthesizes our country national condition improvement to become, has the international advanced level drink, the liquor filter plant, achieves imports prototype's level, in 2005 is evaluated for the Chongqing key new product. The Wahaha group in has ordered in dozens of set of foundations, has ordered last year more than 30 sets; This machine sales surface has covered national more than 20 provinces and cities, has become the Wahaha group, the happy hundred group, Beijing Coca-Cola, the Dongguan Coca-Cola, the rich field group, the grain Coca-Cola, Shanghai Shanghai US, Guangzhou to express one's ideas, the Suzhou refined Taiwan, Tianjin China Vest And so on Famous Enterprise to select the product prosperously. this machine mainly uses in filtering the syrup (¡Ü65Brix,85¡æ). After process filtration, the syrup turbidity is lower than 0.4EBC, the product intrinsic quality big improvement, the appearance quality also obviously enhances. This machine may serve as the drink, the liquor as well as the fruit juice, the rubber juice filtration. The filtration process may not cut power and so on factor influences, the filter medium besides the diatomaceous earth, but also available pearlite, activated charcoal and so on. the domestic famous drink enterprise Wahaha group believed that this equipment movement is normal, the major component is excellent in quality, dependable quality. luminescent spot 3: Disk/candle type PVPP stable system PVPP filtration effect extremely good this system has using PVPP to the beer in the polyphenols material has the selective adsorption function, reduces in effectively the beer polyphenols material content and so on variety glucoside, thus achieves reduces the beer muddy tendency, extension shelf life goal. disk PVPP stable system its prominent characteristic: Uses the horizontal disc, the filtration movement is stable; The PVPP loss is small, the recycling is convenient, after regeneration processing may use many times, is economical, system clean simple quickly. candle type PVPP stable system prominent characteristic: Uses the special components is the filtering element, the movement stable reliable; The PVPP loss is small, the regeneration and the recycling realize the automation, the recycling are convenient, is economical; System clean simple quickly, the candle stick counter-flushing effect is good. this system after putting in the market, continuously deeply customer attention and welcome. After simultaneously passes through Beijing Yanjing Beer Company uses, the equipment movement is normal, can achieve the PVPP filtration effect. luminescent spot 4: The vacuum rotor drum purifier characteristic invests small obviously the vacuum rotor drum purifier for Chongqing light machinery's newest research and development achievement. This equipment leads the rotor drum continuous rotation through the velocity modulation electrical machinery, causes the working chamber under vacuum pump's function to form the negative pressure, treats the processing fluid after the rotor drum strainer precoating level, the filter residue is intercepted on the strainer surface, but the serum and a part of air current's mixture is inhaled together in the soft drink separation pot, the serum is pumped out by the clear water pump, the filter residue is carried on by the shaving knife installment shovel under through the collector collection the centralized processing, thus enables the filter residue which the emissions the serum, abandons to meet the filtration requirements and the environmental protection request.what this machine biggest merit is can let this equipment as soon as possible is the next circulation prepares. Its equipment investment is low, the area is small, the operation is extremely simple; For the car structure, can move freely, simultaneously can according to the customer actual design manual, automatic or other demands disposes. the vacuum rotor drum purifier mainly uses in the drink, the wine business, brewing, profession and so on medicine, food, chemical industry each raw materials, sideline product processing, as well as mining area sewage liquid-solid separation processing. This machine obtains the customer (is specially drink profession customer) help with all one's strength from the design to the manufacture entire process and supports. concluding remark the Chongqing light machinery also unceasing gauge block frame type diatomaceous earth purifier, the membrane fine filters, purely live beer filter plants and so on aseptic filtration system, inverted candle type purifier and macroviscosity colloid purifier carry on the innovation and the research and development, makes the good progress, also has boosted the Chinese drink, the liquor machine manufacture level fast enhancement from this. At the same time, the enterprise has also become the Chinese drink, the liquor machine manufacture profession Shareholding system, industry in is been honored as ¡°China to filter the expert¡±.

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