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Success solution ratafia precipitation
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The other day, reporter learned from the Shandong fragrant standard wine business Limited company and the Guizhou recluse wine business Limited company that uses red rose fresh drinking party which, wild thorn perry the Hubei truth ultrafiltration equipment filters and so on, deposits above one year, liquor body still limpid transparent, does not have the pollution, not to have the precipitation, and after filtering the ratafia natural flavor is invariable, the liquor fragrant coordinated, the feeling in the mouth is pure. the truth ultra filters the plant senior engineer Yang Fengqi introduced that at present in market each kind of ratafia was ferments with the fresh fruit becomes, fruit's varied assortment, the corresponding ratafia type was also many, but caused them to have the precipitation factor is the same, basic might divide into the biological precipitation and the non-biological precipitation. The biological precipitation is refers to after the ordinary purifier filtration the ratafia deposits about one month in the shelf life, the bottle bottom will present the powdery material, these powder under the high temperature, can with the liquor in protein, the calcium magnesium ion material gather the complex laminated material, will have the precipitation. The non-biological precipitation is a fruit, in after methods and so on machinery squeezing, chemistry, biology produces, in the fruit the ration protein and the few tannins or the polyphenol material production's high polymer material is very difficult, except that thus forms the precipitation. The truth superfilter through its unique principle, may not add any material under the normal temperature, precipitates the ratafia in biological precipitation and non-biological disposable separates, can time-saving reduce effort compared to the traditional clarification and the refrigeration, to save the ratafia the processing cost, and after filtering the ratafia can maintain the flavor is invariable, the liquor body is coordinated, feeling in the mouth pure, not mixed taste, anhydrous taste, enhances the ratafia effectively the comprehensive quality.

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